Deeb Family Deeb Construction & Development Company, family owned and operated, has been in business since 1932. Founded by George Deeb, the company has been passed down through three generations, with an eye towards future generations.

The original name of the company was Deeb Construction Company, Inc. of St. Petersburg, which over the years has been merged with Deeb Commercial Contractors and Deeb Development Co., Inc., leaving the surviving entity, Deeb Construction & Development Company.


The current principals and owners of the business are Alex Deeb, Richard Deeb, and Thomas Deeb (pictured with their late father, Richard Deeb, above).

Deeb Construction & Development Company is a pure construction company. The company provides both underground utility construction as well as above ground commercial and residential building construction. The company only contracts with owners and does not build on speculation, nor is it in the home building business. All construction contracts are arms length with financially capable owners.

The company has built a reputation of treating its customers' projects as if they were their own. Many times the company has become involved in the project at the design and permitting stage, in order to do value engineering and help with the permitting process. From planning to completion, Deeb Construction & Development Company is professionally involved and committed to its projects.

Deeb Companies Networking is another type of construction project ... building a stable information technology foundation ... and is a natural extension of today's (and tomorrow's) business processes. High speed interconnectivity and the ability to securely access private and corporate information from remote locations, is fast becoming the way business is accomplished. Government regulations and federal mandates are forcing many industries to computerize their records. Many industries are looking towards conferencing over the internet as a way to combat travel exposure and expense. Information technology will be equally important to the fourth (and future) generations of Deeb Companies, as loaders and earthmovers were to the previous generations.

Deeb Companies Networking stands poised and ready to construct and maintain that information technology foundation, with the professionalism it brings to all its projects.

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